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Get More For Your PSP


So, you just found out you have to change your PSP version to play classic PS1 games?
Or you need to upgrade the firmware? Or you want to make copies and backups of your games?

Turn your boring PSP into a personal multimedia entertainment unit! Learn how to make your PSP do more. Upgrading, downgrading or changing versions are all easy if you know how!


This page has news and reviews of some cool products for your PSP. If you see
one you like, you can go directly to one of the sites and try it out!

Cool product #1: Here is a great Guide to Downgrading PSP that gives you step-by-step video instructions on how to downgrade or upgrade firmware from one version to another. The guide will show you how to:

  • Downgrade your PSP to play Homebrew applications
  • Run customized backgrounds
  • Upgrade your PSP from 1.5 to 3.02 for PS1 games
  • Play DVDs from your memory stick
  • Turn your PSP into a Universal Remote Control
  • Stream audio and video from your PC to your PSP
  • Find hundreds of emulator games for your PSP (read more)

  • Cool product #2: I also found quick instructions for downgrading and fixing version or compatibility problems -- a PSP Downgrade Guide (read more).

    Cool product #3: Another neat product is Game Copy Pro (read more) -- a game copier for virtually any type of game system, including PSP. Unlimited game downloads -- included FREE!

    You can find lots of files to download for your PSP by joining a membership site (read reviews here) where you can dowload PSP games, movies, music, tv, wallpapers, software and other extras.


    More about cool product 1: This guide will show you how to downgrade your PSP to play Homebrew games.
    Or, if you need to upgrade your PSP from 1.5 to 3.02 for PS1 games this will show you how to do that too!

    You can search all over the Internet for the answers about how to do updates, upgrades and downgrades --
    reading various forums if you have the time and the patience -- or just get all the help you need from this
    PSP Video Guide. Step-by-step videos show you how!

    PSP Video Guide

    You will also recieve this bonus: a free video tutorial on how to back up all your DVD movies! All for only $24.95

    More about cool product 2: PSP Downgrade Guide
    If you are only looking for the quickest upgrade or downgrading instructions...get
    the PSP Downgrade Guide to find out how to upgrade or downgrade or both!

    PSP Downgrade

    The PSP Downgrade Guide is also a professional guide to fix PSP compatibility problems:
    only $19.95 (or $29.95 with easy audio/video instructions)

    More about cool product 3: Game Copy Pro
    Gamers, check this out! With Game Copy Pro you can copy virtually any video Game.
    This includes Xbox, PS2, PSX, Gamecube, PSP, Gameboy, Wii, XBox 360,
    Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, plus more!

    The definitive source for game copying software: for only $29.95!

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    I hope one of these new products I've selected will be something you can use. But, just so you don't leave empty-handed, I've found some really great freebies, too!

    Just want free pictures, wallpapers, or themes for your PSP?
    Here they are.

    Need to find out know how to get the pictures onto your PSP?
    Read this article.

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