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Auction Know How
(the secrets of a successful eBay auction seller)

When this course claims to expose secrets - the claims are 100% truthful. There are so many things you can learn from these lessons that no one else will ever tell you.

This is one of Sydney Johnston's training courses. Her extensive knowlege, gained from many years of online marketing and selling in eBay auctions, makes her the ideal person to teach you ways to make eBay auctions more successful. She even explains how to make what others consider "drawbacks" of the online auction world work in your favor iinstead of against you. And her wit makes learning all this lots of fun. She is known as the "Auction Queen" and when you see the kinds of clever and ingenious methods she's developed, you'll see why that name fits her. Much of this information can be applied to any online marketing business. This course is an abbreviated version of her Auction Genius CDs. (You can read more about those CDs and more about Sydney here: Auction Genius "Live" Course.)

    Auction Know How Sydney Johnson's Auction Genius

Learn Auction Tools and Tactics
Unbelievable low price: $99


The Auction Know How website has links to resources and a Newsletter. This material is presented in an easy-to-understand and fun format. You can see the creativity of the course just by reading some of the topics covered on the "Auction Genius Tools and Tactics" course:

  • Why most sellers FAIL on eBay - and why YOU don’t have to

  • What to do when your fabulous, wonderful auction stuff DOESN’T sell!

  • How to get answers from your own infallible crystal ball

  • Use as many pictures as you wish on your auction listings and NEVER pay eBay one single extra cent

  • How to become a terminator in your auction niche

  • How to put audio recordings on your auction listings [includes software]

        Also get :
    • FREE software for posting your
      audio recordings online
    • Access to a Resource Section revealing software and services that Sydney uses in her business
    Find out about the Auction Know How Training
    Read the top 10 things you need to know
    to be successful on eBay. Go see this fun website!

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