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The iPhone is no longer new; most people know about it and it's popularity is growing still.

This page has some quick facts and news to help about this great new technology, as well as a few other awesome products that will affect our use of technology in the future. We hope you find this informative, educational, and entertaining.

And what about iPhone skins or iPhone themes... read on...

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A Phone and What Else?

In "A Closer Look at the iPhone" (found on YouTube) people got their first glimpse of this device. It's a widescreen iPod, cellphone, and Internet device with no keypad, just a touch screen. Why didn't I think of that!

I've seen larger versions of this kind of technology which we will someday use for home computing. Those large versions are an large screen computer table that you can touch anywhere on the surface and move whatever you are looking at around by just touching the screen. (see below)



Jeff Han Demonstrates "Interface-Free" Prototype
at TED

This was an awesome presentation by Jeff Han, aresearch scientist at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences given at the Technology Entertainment Design (TED) venue. Even though this took place back in 2006, it still seems futuristic to me. I wonder if this technology inspired Apple to create the iPhone?



What Can You Do
with an iPhone?

Well, obviously it will let you make phone calls and send text messages. And it has bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. You can use an email program or surfi the Internet with it. Accessing the web on a phone device isn't new, but it sure looks more fun with the iPhone. There are software programs called "widgets" built in. Then, there are those things that an iPod does: music, videos, games, movies. You can sync your iTunes library on your PC or MAC. So whatever downloads you get from iTunes can be played or viewed on the iPhone. You can convert any movies you've made and view those in the iPhone, too.

Another neat feature is
that you can make an iPhone wallpaper from any of your own pictures. There are approved widgets, dashboard widgets, and then there are unofficial ones, such the FM4 Widget. Developers are encouraged to create new widgets. iTunes is the approved download service which is required to activate the iPhone. There doesn't seem to be a proliferation of free iPhone downloads, but I expect to see those soon. There are also "unofficial" services that offer media to download by paying a membership fee. There are reviews of a few of those services on this page.

  Some of the
  iPhone apps:

  • Text messaging
  • Calendar
  • Photo album sofware
  • Camera
  • YouTube
  • Maps
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Notes
  • Stocks
  • Weather
  • Settings

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You won't see these fun iPhone tricks in the TV commercials!

Recent Questions:
Where are the iPhone skins? There aren't any official iPhone skins (for the iPhone)! If you go to the Apple store (www.apple.com) there just aren't any to be found. If you do a web search you will find that people are making them for other phones.

Where are the iPhone themes? There are some beta iPhone themes around, and a website called iPhony has a developer tool to create websites that are optimized to be viewed on the iPhone.

What about iPhone downloads?
The official site for downloads, movies, tv shows, podcasts and iPod games is iTunes. There are some up-and-coming unnoficial sites to find downloads at, too. (We have agreed to show ads for a few of them so, take a look at our sponsored ads.)



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