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Be a Success with eBay Auctions

Interested in learning about eBay auctions? Have you joined the cyberspace yardsale at eBay yet? When eBay started out, it seemed like a quaint way to get rid of stuff you have sitting around the house that you could sell just for fun. Today people are making serious money with their eBay stores and eBay auctions. It's one of the easiest ways to sell things online, and you don't have to know much about computers, webpages or anything technical to become a success with online auctions. Online auctions has become one of the top home-based or work-from- home businesses for many people, and it is continuing to grow.

One word of caution I must add - there are many scammers out there on the internet who SAY they can teach you this. Don't be fooled, many of them are trying to rip you off! We've added these reviews for courses that teach you how to sell on eBay just to counteract those dishonest people that are out there (and because we really believe in the course instructor's abilities).


Auction Genius Course

Auction Genius Course: 16 hours of live classes taught on your computer!


This auction course we are recommending is taught by Sydney Johnston. Hers is a truly inspiring online success story that the staff at All News and Reviews is thrilled to share. As the reviewer for these products, I feel fortunate to have personally met Sydney and to have attented sessions where she was the featured speaker. Without a doubt, she is one of the most down-to-earth, practical, and honest people that has ever made money online. My first impressions were of a mild-mannered woman from the South. Those first impressions weren't entirely accurate. I was pleasantly surprised with her wit and at how well she thinks "outside-the-box." And, I could see how those traits helped her to cleverly outsell her eBay competitors. Her years of experience have led to her success with auctions and her specific knowlege of internet marketing and selling with eBay makes her one of the best teachers and a very sought-after speaker on this subject.

In this course, you are taught how to use a step-by-step system to not just start selling on eBay, but to continue to be successful at it. Essential topics are covered such as: Finding products to sell, how to do market research, writing the best auction listing that can be used successfully over and over again. She also will teach you how to get better results through testing.

This course is designed to take you from having cash-flow problems into producing wealth. And, these topics are covered in amazing depth. As if that isn't enough, personal feedback and help is available WHENEVER NEEDED!

Choose from a Live Class or CD-Roms
(with lots of awesome bonuses!)

Option #1:
Live Class - This is the well known course that walks you through each step of the process, so that you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to build your own eBay business empire. If you are serious about starting eBay auctions - or if you are already selling on eBay and want to find out how to make more money, you will find so much that is helpful and even eye-opening in this course! This price includes the many bonuses and any personal attention or help that you need. Price: $997 (Financing available.)

  Auction Genius 8 CD Set  

Option #2:
CD-Roms - This is the same information as Option 1, and it icludes all the bonuses, but it is delivered on 8 CDs, not as an online course. This has a lower price because the personal one-on-one help is not included. Price: $597 (You can upgrade to the "live" online course - Option 1 - at any time, if you find you need more personal attention. The price for the CDs applies toward the upgrade.)

Option 3: CD-Roms - This is the same as Option 2, but without the bonuses. Price: $397 (If you later decide you want to upgrade to the "live" course, the cost of the CDs applies toward live class tuition.)

Read the rave reviews about this course
and read about the people who quit their jobs and are making SERIOUS money on eBay)


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